Line Klein, Photographer

Line Thit Klein photographer Copenhagen

Line Thit Klein is an acclaimed editorial and commercial photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since graduating from a degree in Photography in 2002, she has worked for leading international clients, and her pictures have appeared in many notorious magazines, bestselling books, campaigns and catalogues.

Throughout the years she has developed a distinct artistic approach to high-end photography, whether it is for food, portraits or lifestyle. She has established a solid reputation for her visual ingenuity and strong compositions. Her warm, refined and timeless style is undoubtedly Scandinavian, with a delicate sensibility.

Line’s strength lies in her intimate understanding of light and her ability to capture it in a seemingly intuitive, effortless way. With an inventive play of luminosity and shadows, she skilfully reveals fine textures, intricate details, subtle nuances, and moods. She transforms the ordinary and everyday into rich, compelling and engaging visual narratives that leave lasting impressions. With every frame, she immortalizes fleeting moments, evoking emotions and atmosphere, and bringing tastes, smells and colours to life. Line invites the viewers to experience a world of imagination and, through her lens, she tells stories that are meaningful, memorable and beautiful.